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Thoughts Of Suicide - lyrics

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Lies in the game, I entertain,
The last lines of the next Kurt Kobain,
Standin at the mirror with a nine at my brain,
Most rap guys wanna die for the fame,
Supposed to die young cause Im in a gang,
And I cant change cause I entertain,
Can sniff three verses, through lines of cane,
You just realized that Im insane,
Im enraged engaged in a war of ways,
They can have me spray shots off the stage,
If I die like Malcolm, will you feel my pain?
Or just cry like a bitch while I lay in my grave
If I die like Pac cause I yearned to bang,
You discredit me, like I never learned a thang,
If I died like Big, would you praise my rhymes,
And give me the spot best of all time
If I died in N Y with the West Coast ride,
And the beef not stopping till hip hop died,
Will a nigga who don

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