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Anxious - lyrics

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I wrote this shit at a fucking laudromat
4 in the morning, shit was overpriced!
I just came home from a meeting with Birdman
My lights was off, back to reality
I like the type of salary you gettin'
When you servin' up the white the soft
I'm like this hourly, but I ain't no dope man
I just maintain and cope man
It's hard losing one of your folks man
Shit ain't a joke, I spend a lot of time playing with ropes
Just trying to cope!
Can I hang forever, can a rain man change the weather?
Can my whole team hang together?
I ain't trying to be no president of foreign affairs
Nah I just want me something foreign to wear
My adversary say I’m more than prepared
It’s just like them
Say some fake shit to my face when I be seeing them
I'm wanting to fight them, cause I ain't like them
And I'll be working hard, but when the things gonna change?
Everyday is the same shit
I wake up to the same bitch
Telling me I ain't shit
I'm anxious, when the things gonna change?
I swear last summer man
I swear now I had a 100 grands
Like this money was the object
Now it's just another issue
That I'm into lock with the necessary
Cash money make a man legendary
I don't know if I was ready for that
But my come up it was Heavenly mapped
And my mind was already tapped
Ready to rap, ready to lap
These other mother fuckers, they wack!
My series of step, be the ones that appear to be best
But appearance ain’t everything possession is nine tenths of the law
What's the chances I'm possessing it all?
I'm getting blessings from the one that they call!
God, still don’t know if I’m a give him a name
I think the Universe is hard to explain (word)
Truth be told it's even harder to change
And change gonna come
Least say the song with the lady on it
They say my shit hard whenever baby on it
But I be thinkin' more like Kendrick Lamar
Is it impossible to enter the stars from where I are
And everybody thinking that I'm on
Cause of some Instagram photos on my iPhone
I just tell them that the drive's long
And they don't understand the journey that I flown
See, I was Orlando born and rasied
My father took his own life I was 16 shit ain't a dream
It’s been three years
They say it took strength just to be here
But I'll be losing all my strength just to be clear
I be hangin' round the greatest of stars
Same time, thinkin' of takin' it all
They say suicide is disconnection from the you inside
But if you survive, when the things gonna change!
Everyday is the same shit
I wake up to the same bitch
Telling me I ain't shit
I'm anxious, when the things gonna change?

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