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Lost Outro - lyrics

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Pressure plus pipes, I got the 2 here strung on my right
And ever since I lost you pops I don't write
And that was like 09 but every time the beat come on
I swear it’s go time, my fingers start itching
The pieces of divine start clicking
The mistress in my mind start strippin'
I swear I’m at a constant conflict with these women
Cause all the studio time that I buy
Is way more important than anything that they’ve given
Ain’t that a bitch, owe that hoe a couple dollars
Told to take it in blood or I’m crippin'
I swear the top is my mission
Cause sometimes I feel like if you would have been proud
Then you wouldn’t have gone missing
Picture a child that hears prisons
Where nobody gon' write me, nobody come to visit
And visually I’m sustained, by walls and still
Is it possible that defies all this real
God damn, am I liar or all this real
Is it true the ones with the desires get all the mills
Cause I gotta eat, shit and my mama got a stomach too
And if you talk bullshit, how do I stomach you?
Riding down the 417, sippin' 100 proof
Pop myself 2 or 3 bars, see what a couple do
My girl tried to stop me, she weigh 102
Yelling that she hate me I swear I feel like it’s nothing new
Pull up bout that driver like fuck you
To the person who made that Smith and Wesson that my father used
Fuck you, I swear I would have taken your life if I had the option
But god didn’t gave that shit to me,
And lately I’ve been a problem, to any motherfucker who crossed me
Yesterday I was in church, and the priest he had the nerve
And the bangers asked what that cross be
I’m devilish, get 'em off me
Hard to take another 2 steps when your feet turn to concrete
Not to mention you off beat
Well how do you hope to compete
Education is institutionalized,
Everything on the news with truthfully is a lie
And everything that is truth, is truthfully in the skies
True beats all on my outlet, I was made to survive
And why do I see bars and still is it possible
That this fire is all this real
God damn, am I a liar, or all this real
Could have be the ones with the designment
All the pills that got us like slaves
And my mama got chains too
If you fuck with the system, how do I change you?
Other day spoke to my cousin, he said he changed crews
He got new homies, and they bang too
Feel like he was made for this gangster shit
Wanna cope an AK, moved to Anchoritz
Anchor bracelets, community control his room
Used to get hoes, and now he get patrolled
And the sad thing he think that he’s cool
The fuck is it we teaching in our schools, nothing
And I don’t even want that discussion
Cause tv shows, celebrities and they budget
And the rest of the country is on fuck it
Robbin and stealing, cause it ain’t no jobs out here
In Florida, appealin', look at all these old folks retirement funds
We take that shit with all our violence, guns
But really it’s the system that made me
And the government think that I’m crazy
But I think that we lost, and I don’t know if he did it with the cross
I feel like everybody on the earth to pay the cost
And maybe we’ll see bars and still
And maybe I am hard to kill
I can truthfully epidemize all this real
I could be the og telling guard your grill
I could be the devil on your shoulder
Or your friend homie
And it all just depends homie, cause we are lost
Truth be told, we are lost
Cause it feel like, in the world when you lost
Don’t know which way to go
All I see is dollar sings

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