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One Shot - lyrics

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One shot
One shot I’ll be so blazy
One shot, oooo, you’ll be one thing you risk for
And now he’s here
The adventure
Ooooooo, all they needed, all they needed
No related here
Here, here, here one shot
Give me the cool light
Caught me to this puzzle
Is so crazy, this dollar is not located
It is just an ogre, well we
Just stay out, try to expand the lights
It’s almost to free, come on, it’s still night
Ooouh, we’ll all do my stupid things
You and me lay, ‘cause all my stupid legs
While I’ll take this face shot, your life is going down
You’re under line like me, but I complain when the sun is down
When somebody likes me, all you do is to despise me
And it is your side, but you don’t like me
But is slowed up like a free, caught them on a cease
And I scratch up my hand, but there is a thing I need
And there is one shot, right you’ll take
One shot, bitch, I wonder I could you take it
One shot, oh, one recent court
And I’m telling what I tell you that
Only I need is one shot, watch me taking it
One shot, and now I’ll be so blazed
One shot, ooouh, why you fixed the busy cure
And now I’m telling that I tell you
I could give you skip
That I’m a dull, give a free bone
When you keep slow, but you give my cart, but live me alone
And now, there is a hobby in a group, but you are so dull
And I feel should do, so we don’t like each others
Is different ranks, give me some range
You know how I’d be, when you don’t know to shout it
And she girl, Davila, hit the club, Dalila, lila
And just to curse is dalila, lila, faster than inno
Don’t worry, you’re bigger, that’s why you are eager
And that’s the case of a hero, that I’m the cursed of the group
And that I gotta do, so I’ll do mine in a break time
So be alarmed, you must be dysy and you must be mad
You must be mad and keep my rule, just I gotta do
And make my bad, you’re taking this and you’re outside
And in the end I don’t need than one shot
Take hell your number down, I’m not so naughty as my sweetest colleague
I’m kidding love, fuck of being civilized, and I just don’t know
And in the pass, I need one shot
One shot, watch me taking it
You like me how I’m taking and I wonder how hell I get it
One shot, oooh girl, and I’m telling around all I needed is
One shot, watch me taking it
You like me how I’m taking and I wonder how hell I get it
I mean one shot, oooh girl, keep me busy girl
And I’m telling around how was my busy stuck
And I get ignorant, it seems to be my duty, I’m lowy, but time shouts
Somebody finish try a suttee
Hold up
Watch me when I’m aware, aim an aware man
But she can’t be aware, what she can assigned is take care of me
I mean, worthest, worthest, worthest,
I’m aware of me in a mourdy, keep that bag, ‘cause
Depends, depends, ‘cause I’m out of time
Fuck, yaaa, fuck, yaaaa
One more shot, man,
One more shot, man and we’ve killed them
God, damn it, you so fucking dead
Oh, strength, slow shout,
Give me, baby, your love, ‘cause I’m lost
Keep to be so beauty while I’d run like a cup
I’m a hostage, take no game,
You and I battled in better ways
So, all you needed is one shot watch me taking it
You’re in term you got nasty and I am in hasty
I mean one shot, oooh how in broken legs I’m so courted duoity
One shot, watch me taking it
Volunteers girl for what is up and nake it
One shot, you aren’t a gipsy girl
Do in the way you wanted, but do it slow
One shot.

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