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Plop Plop - lyrics

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Plop, plop, fizz, fizz
Oh, what a relief it is!
Plop, plop, fizz, fizz
Oh, what a relief it is!
Plop, plop, fizz, fizz
Oh, what a relief it is!
Plop, plop, fizz, fizz
Oh, what a relief it is!
Yo, this for all my pill poppers
White boys that be tryna kill coppers
Ill doctors, prescribe everything that you need
See, we still copping, shit, they wanna know what the secret is
Pop yourself three Xanax bars
Oh, what a relief it is!
Don’t ask me why I pop
‘Cause I am popular, it is possible
My mamma disagree, she say I’m so irresponsible
I think it’s comical, combinations attract me
Distract me from my withdrawals
They always seem to attack me
So back into the cycle I go, purchase my prescription
Don’t believe in the lie, so I don’t follow religion
I just follow addiction
Lately, I don’t know who Jesus is
Pop myself another bar, oh, what a relief it is!
[Chorus] ..
Go on, slip me two Xanax bars
I’m ready to get fool
Fifth of crown and pills dissolve inside
Then I sip it down, simple yet profound
My instrumental is loud, my feet are planted on pavement
My head is way in the cloud
I’m smoking on a pound in this bitch, she like Moscato
I see dollar signs in both her eyes, I hit the lotto
I hope her heart is hollow like mine
Know what the secret is? Pop yourself a bean or two
Oh, what a relief it is!
I’m back inside this bitch like I’ve never been gone
And all of my clientele just hit my phone for the medicine
Heaven sent, eyes go rolling because I’m pedaling
And when I speak on E pills I ain’t talking Excederin
Excellent, something take me over like it’s the Exorcist
I’mma need a piece, a priest and a couple receptionists
Looking like they got the biggest breasts, I mean this shit
Pop myself another bean, oh, what a relief it is!
[Chorus] ..
I don’t got thought
I just pop until the bottle missin
My vision start to distort
I’m violating tradition, hydrating my deception
Reconstructing my prison, sober enough to drive
Well to me that just ain’t living
This like give or take, give or take
12 a piece, give me a break, I said I was buying a fifty pack
As long as this shit you give me ain’t fake, homie
‘Cause that’s when you find out where the reaper lives
Took a sample out the script
Oh, what a relief it is!
Look, I’m zone, far away from home
All these demons, the Devil all in my face
I wonder if they believe it, wonder if they could see it
As vivid as I
And if you take my soul, well then do my addictions survive?
‘Cause all I see is dilated eyes
Lost my inspiration, my money start to divide
I can’t hold on information but these are the implications
I learned that shit from my aunty
Take yourself too many pills, end up like a zombie

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