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Well I'm back from a lucid dream
I seen the future in a crystal ball with a little
More hoes than I’m used to
Tell me how that suit ya. It suit me fine. I got a
Bruce Lee mind
I am one with the flow
I get a lil' change in my pocket and a lame try
And stop it
Well I am subject to blow
Christen the road
God body. Rollin' round in this wide body
Contemplating who I'mma sign to. See they find
Me, they don’t mind you
And you lyin' too. Shit I heard yo songs
Yea my herbs so strong, still ain't like ya
It blew my whole high man I just might fight ya
I light up the honey dutch, white widow, black
Hoes, a white widow
Spanish girl, she my mistress, boy if she lick this
She on my hit list
I get the business
You just want some charity
Need a moment of clarity? Boy don’t stare at
Me I might jump outta my skin
I know you ain't really tryin' to win
But I'm ready to go
[Hook x2]
That’s a go
(gold chain)
That’s a go
That’s a go
(whole thing in my pocket I'm ready to go)
That’s a go
(mo change)
That’s a go
(mo strains)
That’s a go
(hoes change and I know so I'm ready to go)
Pussy, and u standin' there all stationary
No moves, my protools it look like a session
From Goku
Its that super saiyan. A little more high quality
Than what you used to playin
But that’s usually the case
Tell these motherfuckers give me space
Why I got that Future playin? Im on Pluto
Every city give me my kudos. That ain't nothing
New tho
Its all been part of a process
You infatuated with objects
And you infatuated with the affidavit, that
Snitch shit
Boy you ain't passed the basis
My team wouldn’t like your kind cause you got a
Fast mouth and you got a slow grind
And I got no time
Out control
Whole team is some Al Capones
Mob life without the ounce of blow
I took the weed out the ounce then I'm out the
I got your girlfriend there on mouth control
Cause she just like how I'm stylin'
And truth be told I'm just wilin' while these
People round me just survivin'
And I been thriving'
In the cage with the lions, everybody brave and
I just hit the main stage and I divide it, half to
The flow
Half to the man who supplied
And you about to see some real violent shit
Man I'm talkin' bout a riot
And I ain't condone it but if we break this here I
Might have to buy it I'm ready to go!
[Hook x2]

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