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The Killer Intro - lyrics

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"If there were nothing but thought in you, you wouldn't even know you're thinking. You would be like a dreamer who doesn't know he's dreaming."
It's pitch dark, a pitchfork
Emerged, the devil is pissed off
Keep tryin' to buy my soul, I keep sayin' no
And he keep offering me crystal and pistols
And sayin' how I'm finna be in style
Well that's when I skip town, and fuck all that bullshit
Bitch you better offer me the crown
Plus the Crown Royal, plus all the government oil
Plus a couple marijuana seeds in the soil, and a couple bodyguard type gargoyles
The stove is my home away from home
Can't stand the heat, fuck you doin' in this room
We love how the gun sound, the chopper is in tune, the nine is so fine
But what is it into, Drama
It get lethal, give that head a shot, but it don't deep throat
Don't got G strings, just know G codes
Love is on kind cause all my people, damn
Its like we used to peaceful, now I don't know why everybody want a piece for
Wait that's deceitful, I know why cause these mothafuckin' streets cold
Grab your scarves and hoody's guard your goodies
Cause mothafuckas will come in charge, uh
But would he really pull it?
Don't wanna be the one to find out cause the bullets, be the one to tell you timeout
And the coolest, always be the ones to die out
And you can't tap in or rewind now, this shit get live
Shit, you might of survived four shots but there's about to be five
And its a head shot, marked with the red dot and its red hot
Me and my money are in wedlock so you touch a dollar bill end up at a dead stop
Boy you better stop it, me and my dogs are about profit
And in this world you either nothin' or you're hot shit
But you both die from the gunshot, don't play
All I need is one shot, this is not a fun spot
This is a death trap, there ain't even one cop
Pulled up in the one drop top with the best rapper in the front seat
Roll the weed up, better pass like FCAT
Boy I let the blunt speak, you ain't even met that
Livin' on front street, ready to murder the mothafucka who disgust me
Or better yet, a muhfucka try to touch me, boy
Cause I'm too small to scrap, but I got me a strap
I got no will to kill but, a mothafucka react
And I'm too small to scrap, but I got me a strap
I got no will to kill but, a mothafucka react muhfucka aaah, Bitch!

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