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Too Much Information - lyrics

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Too much information. Cmon!
Too much information cmon!
(Are you blind people?)
How did we make it this far?
(Do you understand that mankind is being
Pitted against mandkind?)
How did we make it this far?
(In a battle so intense that brother and
Sister are unrecognizable!)
How did we make it this far?
(Its chaos, the end times are surely near!)
How did we make it this far?
Times of evolution, evolve to times of
I'm here in a time full of mass confusion
Saying my goodbyes at the last reunion
I don’t want to be the one to pass the
I say lay waste to the institutions
Give em a little taste of what angst of
Youth is and truth is...
Truth is we been putting up with too
Much for too long
Every time somebody say they good I say
“boy what is you on?”
What I do? Move on
I ain't got no heart when I do wrong
Me I been worried bout mine, shuffling
Times are low. Everybody under mind
One of my brothers snorting lines of blow
He say he waiting for the signs to show
It make you wonder all the secrets that
The Mayans know
Where are the pyramids from?
Why its been so many years and we can't
Make them?
Shit you make cars that will run off
Water? Well they’ll take them
Break them. Shit, it all boils down to
Be careful of the shit you invest in... Shit
Will give you bad vibes
Lies you could feel in your intestines
Me, I ain't worried bout impressing nobody
I'm one mind got no body. A man gotta stand
And learn to be a man on his own
Do what you wanna do its your body, Still
We all connected
Ironic how from our perspective we will
See the disconnection. The intersection
We ain't choose who was elected... So how
The fuck we gone respect it?
Are you getting the message? Sucka
Too much Information. Cmon!
Too much information, cmon!
(Do you not see it? The..)
How did we make it this far?
(Let me tell you something, The top one
Percent in this country make more than the
Bottom fifty combined.)
How did we make it this far?
(Do you understand the implications here
How did we make it this far?
(The.. the middle class is disappearing right
Before our eyes!)
How did we make it this far?
I am here at the bottom of the money pit
In Nova Scotia, blowing doja
Excuse my hydraulics, ain't mean to
Encroach on all your down time
But I approach ya with means to coach ya
What you wanna be the roaches who ain't
Got no culture?
Who is alive that lack drive and focus and
Work and survive
Just to drive a focus?
Well me I am focused on my soul (get em)
So much of this in my bowl (get em)
Psilocybin on plates (get em)
One of us must indulge (get em)
One of us is the clone (get em)
Ain't' nobody wanna be alone
Probably don’t believe they been tappin' our
Watching Tvs, taking out loans, make it hard
To see whats outside of the home
Ever heard about Lebanon?
Probably wanna be the upper echelon
But you probably waitin' round for
Ain't got a clue where to take the steps to
Find the right path
Was I left behind?
Part Aryan, and Sumerian, and what I'm
Carrying is protecting mine
I am the apocalypse to a novelist
Bang bang! Hollow tips tear all through your
Face but your first 48
Gone be like building 7 ain't nobody gone
Acknowledge it
Have you ever see Zeitgeist?
Ever seen a bright light?
Has the President ever looked a little bit
Honest in the right light
On the right night? Sucka
Too much Information. Cmon!
Too much information, cmon!
(Uh I was, I was allowed access into Are
51 for a, uh, a brief amount of time)
How did we make it this far?
(and uh, its an interesting, an interesting
How did we make it this far?
(the uh, extraterrestrial contact has been
Established between the United States, uh
For quite some time now, and uh, its
Amazing the uh, amount of technological
Advances, and social advances that they have
Have guided. Uh, the American people there
Just unaware completely of whats going on
In front of their face.)

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