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The Burning Savior - lyrics

I rise from the grave to spill your blood
And in the darkness I will come
Your life will end tonight so say your last goodbyes.
The sun comes sinking down from view
As shadows gather around you they say
"Your god forsaken or else your blood is taken".
You take the dagger of the damned
Carve Satan's mark into your hand unholy forces
Laughter and darkness.
Now in his service you will fight
And bring an end to holy light
The reward given life never-ending
Now burn the gates of heaven
And tear the souls from angels.
Darkness engulfs it, you storm the throne-room
The son of god brings forth his sword
But he can't stop the Devil's horde.
Why would his father leave him?
He dies again for nothing.
Now as the lamb bleeds on the ground
A blinding light a piercing sound
The lord appears before us, now is his time to fall.
The Devil joins us on the field the final battle we won't yield
The world lies waiting all people gazing.
The smoke makes it so hard to see
But I can smell our victory the blood of angels
The burning savior.
And as the night falls overhead the lord you
all called 'god' now dead.
And as he rots, we drink his blood.
Now comes one thousand years of pain
For those who still praise the lords name.
Commit yourself to darkness or you will surely fall.
And Satan's soldiers are repaid
With holy blood and demon blade
With which to kill the christians, the bane of hell's dominion.

Lyrics was added by DevilDan

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