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Red are the stars of a dying firmament
Crows hurry across the sky, fleeing from death
Everything loses it’s colour and lays down to rest
And also I am giving up, falling asleep in the murky moss

The moon looks so sad
Once so luminous and now dead

Where once was my home only ashes await me
All the trees have been devoured by the earth as smoke ascends towards the sky

Sleepless dreamer, do you see the light?
Can you also feel the sun on your face?

Shadows are crawling through the valley
Where once was life, all is silent
Clouds are gritting their teeth
Havoc reigns the skies

Sun, stop dreaming!
The moon looks so sad
Withering skies once so colourful

Dreamer, the end is nigh
Gloomy, day and night

Everything loses it’s colour and lays down to rest
Everything turns gray and bleak, intent and willing to die

Red, one last star
Red, soon all will be black

Hedonia, watch out the end is nigh
Luminous stars are fading away

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