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The ruins of my life, are building my hate
Again the eternal time, is taking me
So slow, that I can''t breathe
So I burn all my traumas
I know what I am, close to my end
I can ride, on a cloud of tears
The destiny of my light, decliness the fear
Misery is shattering, my will
The silent sea of sorrow, drowns my essence
The grief of limitation, dazzles my future
Astral lines fuse the dimension
Where my soul (wants to go)
Some feeling dance on the horizons
As the sadness (fills me)
"Like the mountains of the moon
My existence is confused"
Solitude and vagrancy, the main eqilibrium
To search a new deep dimension
In my eternal disgrace
The enxieties will never disappear
Charred years of desolation, now fall into
The black drops of agony,
As the beauty of my life is getting lost
The storms of depression control
This endless suffering
Empty structure deep-rooted
Causes the defeat of my spirit
Reflexions of death beyond soul
Are written in the eternity
Astral lines fuse dimensions
Where my soul whats to go
Oh, I turn my dreams, in nothing but my fears
The breeze that moves my heart,
Is dying in the grey sky
Ashes in the rain, they destroy my brain
Like the mud that drains, so slow is my decay...

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