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A whisper of the dark dreams
Casts my fate to the winds
An entity teases my sleep
So I open the lid of my mind
My burial was a fantasy
The death is not real
I see the shining light
But I feel the utter dark
"Remember the bitter wounds
and walk your sad throb"
The whispers of happiness dessaper
The stars follow my pain
My spirit is now just foam
Repulsion towards my essence
Torturing fear is present
I drink my tears in mourn
Macabre presence I feel
Illusions vanish in the infinity
The towers that domain
The fragile body
The curse of my hate
This is my soul request
Nor he prays can help me
The creeping wraith is me
Soaring behind this dimension
My heart cries for the other side
Where my heart, will stop to cry?
Perhaps when the very sun ceases its shine
A creeping existence is near,
Suffering in the cosmic solitude
A whisper of my dark dreams
Casts my fate to the vortex
An entity teases my sleep
So I open the lid of my life
Blinded by my fate
I can't see my death
A violent sleep
will be my eternity
The fatal winds are here
Disgusting odor I smell
I hear the silence of the universe
(Now) I'm beyond from the beyond
Just let me cry in the solitude

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