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Infinitum Valet - lyrics

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Be alone and contemplating the meditation
in a spiritual space, where all is in order
the cosmicism of this enigma dances for me
in this existence of my being that is in disorder
The figures of the open silence falls with me
at the hands of the stars
the darkest one enlight my fears so deeper
and I sleep upon other searching a dream
to broke this other mine
The mystic and mysterious (universe)
is laughing of my reality
serene and tranquil
I show it my open mind
But just create an entrance to go out
When the eyes of our solitude, see everything
awaiting, searching the other side of night
Cold and infinite embraces me before fall
drawing my being forgotten colour
I can't find a rect way because
all are circles of profile all ways
always without clouds in the sky
My affliction teaches me how to find the mourn light
I am in nowhere and find the nothing
But in all depths of myself
I search lost feelings to create
some beloved for my life

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