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In a sea of desolated forms,
Every night you see an apparition
Hear voices of a known strange,
Frustrations are your reasons to live
Think you walk to the future,
In reverse is your destiny
In each face, see the ferid figure
Of your macabre, misery of sanity
Your rotten subconscious,
Awakes the feeling of repulsion,
Everyday, in every person,
Expulses the horror of your worst fear
Dismember the abomination
The morbid desolation of your spirit,
That influying the endless anguish,
Of anxieties never seen
Drowned, poor soul, possessed by confusion
Tenebrous apparition coming,
Why do live more?
The wisdom of my madness,
Is opened to the extremes
The shadows of my past,
Enter in the rain of death
Wishes of a quiet peace,
Turn to lost illusions
Impure thoughts of blasphemies,
To all the so called gods
Hate and fear control, my weak piece of humanity
Emptiness like sepulcher, horror born from mind
Awaiting my salvation, of this self immolation
Sometimes the aware being, becomes the reincarnation
Of all loathsomeness, agonizing with anger to die,
Ignoring the infinite reality
Tenebrous apparitions, infestation of desolation
Tenebrous apparitions, the main fear is yourself

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