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Closure - lyrics

This is the end
Tomorrow he’s such a deceiver
A prophet to all blind-fold believers
You thought that his cheat could never fail
You thought that his cheat would never grow stale
Misery she is your favorite whore
She’s licking your wounds while you beg for more
I’m done with playing games, done taking the blame
This is war
Who are you to assume the last words belong to you?
Who are you to confuse affection with abuse?
Who are you to accuse me for mistakes that you do?
This is the end
You complain you gave, you gave, and you gave
But it ain’t consistent to mime the slave
My apology’s what you wanna hear
My submissive sorry for all those years
Your pound of nothing’s all you shall have
The last drops of wine, my cigarette ash
Yours too this last day, yours too what remains
Don’t look away
[Repeat chorus]
The moons decay, the suns decline
Still water never turns to wine
Loved like a madman, loved so blind
Possessed another’s mind
Got red with rage and pale with lust
Beauty withers along with trust
Life ever changes cause it must
Cut with the contempt cause this is the end
Stop to pretend cause this is the end
Again and again till you comprehend
Listen my friend, cut with the contempt and stop to pretend cause this is the end
[Repeat chorus]

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