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[Verse 1 - Chanel West Coast]
Like bath salts, going crazy shut it down in this 'B'
Like last call, never catch me bounce on them
Like basketball, do what I wanna, smoke hella marijuana
It ain't my fault, stay showing off, if you got it then flaunt it
Just let them know, moving to the music, go hard just lose it
With no remorse, I'ma keep cruising like time in a movie
Just stunting off, hate it or they love it, always cold at the summit
Got a hermit scarf, they so sick, it is what it is just call it off
[Hook - Chanel West Coast]
Never gave a fuck about no hater ’cause they put me on
Never gave a fuck about no hater ’cause they put me on
Never gave a fuck about no hater ’cause they put me on
This for my fellas and my ladies, getting money all day long
Pushin’ pushin’ pushin’, keep it pushin’ (x4)
[Verse 2 - Ty Dolla $ign]
Dirty girl you getting money, then you’re bout your dollar signs
Got you rolling papers, now we getting high
You gone off the Yager, I'm on Miller Lite
Your ex seen me but you got him bitter, right?
We smoking, toking, choking, we don’t give no fucks
Tint on her window, getting ratchet in the truck
Everything we rough is on designer
If I fuck with you then you design all
Every car I drive is a foreign
Switch them bitches up, she get boring
Mister T-Shirt with Versace and some Jordans
Put my middle finger up, tell them we never gave a fuck about no hater
[Verse 3 - Chanel West Coast]
I’ma keep it pushing, like a fire in the club
Haters shush them, yeah we shut em up
You peep my styles, checking out my butt
Might not be Nicki, but I got enough
I’m a go hard - go hard, Rihanna style
Do it all night - all night, make it worth my while
All these doubters - doubters, can suck a dick
Like powder - powder, they gon' fiend for me
Wanna talk about us, let em talk
We stacking money, hotel on Boardwalk
Ain’t nothing funny, like small talk
May act lil gully like I’m from New York

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