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We were one and the same
the blood that once passed through your veins now flows in mine
I need someone to blame
who decided to end this game?
It’s much too early right now
As I call out to you
I‘m not sure if you are receiving
Can you hear me?
It should never be true, this void that I cannot break through
A heart divided in two
So I writhe through this night
gazing upwards at vacant skies
And it’s too much now, I can’t face this anymore
But there’s no escaping, there’s only one door
They say this pain will surely fade, in time it goes away
But nothing seems to change, this aching still remains
No bridge onto your side, I must wait until I die
I die
And I’ll think of you from dusk ‘till dawn
I’ll hold my breath from night ‘till morn
And I’ll call upon our last embrace
Tide me over until I see your face again
Will the world explode before I hold your hand?
Will my tears bring lakes to this desert sand?
And I don’t know if I can be the man that I knew, that you were

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