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Rapture - lyrics

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Necessary destruction
Your cause has no point
Unless thy will is done
Doomsday cult
Electing to end the world
Prophecy misread
Rebuild the temple of Solomon
Whatever it takes the end must come
Doomsday cult
Electing to end the world
Sweet pure child your father said
It's the end now
Take no chances, plant the seed
At the gates we'll meet
Rising through the U.N
A false prophet of peace
We cannot trust them
No, our Bible tells us this
Looking to others for any signs of deceit
While revealing in your right hand
Is the mark of the beast
Self-fulfilling prophecy
We become what we believe
Welcome to the end of time
We will never die
Believe in the rapture
Weeping widows, dead children
Blood stained soil but I don't see him come

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