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My puss, the gates of heaven
Your puss, closed seven eleven
My puss, spouting genius rhymes
Your puss, gets help from the march of dimes
My puss, is hot and ready to please
Your puss, is riddled with disease
My puss, has a myspace page
Your puss, all yellowed with age
My puss, cause major er******s
Your puss, rigged the election
My puss, is the best on the block
Your puss, invaded Iraq
My puss, is fine so I flaunt it
Your puss, is so old that it's haunted
My puss, make me all kind of money
Your puss, tends to smell kind of funny
My puss, did a monologue
Your puss could probably hide a log
My puss, would be pretty if it showed
Your puss has its own area code
My puss, calms the savage beast
Your puss, infected with yeast
My puss, is a hell of a dame
Your puss, outed Valerie Plame
My puss, is so tight and hot
Your puss, has a parking lot
My puss wet like hurricane Katrina
Your puss couldn't even get help from FEMA
My puss won a Pulitzer prize
Your puss is enormous in size
My puss is sexy in lace
Your puss, could rent out some space
My puss, would please the hardest banger
Your puss, is like an airplane hangar
My puss, is keepin' it real
Your puss, invented the wheel

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