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Flames of Several Suns - lyrics

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Tremblingare the flames of several suns
Over your head
When there is only the light of the fallen angels
I've seen the outline of the shadow, the outline of the darkness
Signature in my hand
Like a seal opening the gates of the beast
There I am, and in my mind I follow
The bounding ties to the ultimate blackness...
And here you stand in front of the fire
Sunken in the thoughts of the universe
You're the only one!
Red dwarf shines
And in the eye of the dragon it clothes with scarlet
And shouts toward the sun unspoken words
Sadness inspires with fire
The covernant has spellbound us with the light
As you recall the truth of the centuries
Living still in the thoughts of ye old ones...
Above him the horizon spreading wings
With lips so close like a brother...
Over the waters of grief
Move my soul and burning flesh
To find a home and comfort
Over the waters of sorrow
Let delightfully swinging memory
Reject it's mind from the world...
Over the waters of sadness
Where love is the only law
There's my refuge and my home
Like a castle guarded by the wolves...
Where only the dragon's eye can reach
The real one has seen it all...

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