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Unvirtue Diabolical - lyrics

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Fire is changing into darkness
Neither god nor madman is born
She's full secrets and wild
She's inaccessible for tears and bitterness
Water is changing into light
Neither a new god nor a friend is born
She's full of repugnance and the tragic
She's a naked strumpet, full of lust
You come at once - that's the way it should be
You are not one of us...
You can lust and hate
You are not one of us...
You don't understand my whisper
You don't understand the words in the poisonous mouth
So beautiful - painful night
Cause you're beyond the ring
Beyond god
Beyond fire
And you don't have to be my whore and nun
You don't have to be my whore and nun
Your naked burden falls today full of repugnance
You don't have to pretend when you're kissing
You aren't connected with the unknown
And don't have to be my whore dressed in soutane...
Go away
Go and quit this night
The wind is making a web on my mouth
Feeds the burning fire
Feeds this love
From god and satan

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