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Well all these people of the city will keep you in their blind spots
Especially when they know that you're out looking to sign dots
I tried to tell this girl how twisted my mind got
But it's her dream to ride the conveyer belt of that side walk
She's got intentions of being number one
But can she handle rejection in the city of no sun
Where bricks change colors faster than careers do
And few people drive away and like what's in their rearview
New york city's so far away
But i can't wait even for one more day
They say these things come and these things go
But if I don't try I'll never know
She don't care what it takes she knows she's got the ability
And with what her folks make
You know she'd have stability
She just needs to get out there
And step toward her validity
She can't keep dying over this
Because it's just killing me
She's not used to foot steps digging in her chest
High heeled investments and suit's getting undressed
Growing hold and having new recruits become the best
And finding that she's stepped on everyone and no one's left
Well it hurts like walking barefoot on light bulbs
Smashing ideas with open skin
Til' the pearl white dorps of blood turn red
And everyone can tell
That you've worked hard enough
It's time to go
Go get your map and compass and don't listen to them
And don't think about how much time you're fixing to spend
The dirt only ends when the pavement begins
This is your heart your dream
And you're your only friend so go
You can kick the earth as hard as you want
To show your frustration
Or you can get in your car and kick your foot to the gas
And keep accelerating till you hit your destination
So go

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