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The tenth day before I left
Everythign was just fine
She must have waited to cave in
On that day nine
This severly effected the eighth and seventh night
But that still didn't make me feel like the time was right
To say goodbye
Say goodbye to you my friend
Say goodbye
Ten, nine, eight, seven
Sixth day before I left
We pretended things were fine
Even though the ninth day cave was acting as both our minds
Fifth day and counting
Well she found it astounding
When I told her I didn't want to miss her while she was in my surroundings
The fourth day was new with her
Same question asked again
Once you're gone how long til I get my depth perception back again?
At that I had the same flabbergasted face for most of the third and second days
The final day before I left came and i still had nothing to say
The fifth day after I had left I was trying to adjust and she came
The sixth day she was stuck looking for sparks but couldn't see the flame
The seventh day I fell asleep in the fire that we had made
She woke me up and I said goodbye and we were never the same
Attraction a distraction
A fraction in a lifetime of satisfaction
Take action or back off

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