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Tales of the Majora Mythos Part I - lyrics

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A cursed moon hangs low in the tumultuous skies, glowing ominously over plains of arid desolation. A stone tower stands before these haunted lands, its structure perpetually ascending toward the heavens. Bitter lamentations from lingering spirits echo through the valley, speaking of a forgotten aeon. Rumours of ancient men, and their war against the gods, bridging their world to the sacred realm.
“Into the streaming heavens,
bestial hordes impetuously ascended."
"A portal was opened in the inverted sky, a gate leading to a realm of boundless deserts.
There, they discovered a dormant evil, sealed away into obscurity.”
"Harnessed by wicked men (It’s invicible might).
Blasphemous monuments (Of worship).
Bringing forth grimness (Upon their land).
Curse of the ancient ones (Dooming their world)."
Whispers reverberate under the wind, speaking of a omen of brewing doom, warning those who awakened Majora. Far beyond the battlements, resounds the howling of a thousand wolves. Rancorous chants echo in the mountains, "come forth impious legions". Funeral winds sweep across the land, as Cimmerian shadows dance in a macabre harmony, under the gleaming blood red full-moon, burning bright. Seraphic archangels of death, wrathfully descending in infernal glory, in celebration of the imminence of Majora, harbinger of doom and misery. A curtain of darkness spreads over the plains. Draped in nightfall, the atramentous sky remains starless. As the moon seemingly grows larger, the air thickens with the fumes of death. From poisonous swamps, to monolithic mountains, from cerulean oceans to barren dunes of sand, vile energies emanate from the four corners of the earth, (an aura of) desolation brooding over Termina. Inevitably, a mysterious sphere looms above the cursed landscapes. Doomed, the Terminians wait in disbelief as the moon is drawn down upon the earth. And far beyond the mountains, the stone tower stands alone as an ominous reminder of their heresy.

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