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Sweeter In History - lyrics

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And I look so good at your memory
But it did’t taste as sweet as it was meant to be
How did i ended caught between two cities
Have a nose But now I’m so out of touch
Lost in time need to find why I feel that rush
Still hear your whisper in my ear Like you did before

I heard you did’nt get what you came for, baby
I heard a lots, How you thought it would be
Time is a healer, but sometimes, baby
Or somethings are sweeter in History
Sweeter In History
Lord knows I tried But I can’t let go
start hanging on to something that we used to know
You never wake the dead while they’re sleeping
You should be thinking we can pick up where we left before
I hate to tell you this but only ghost can walk through walls
Wishful thinking never took you where you need to go
(repeat chorus)
Oh there’s a reason why I like you away
Because i’m trying keep the memory the same
too good to be true…
I knew, I don’t know what you what you want me to find
Or did you think that I just wanted to lie
with your perfect design..
and never be able to speak How it used to be..
Sweeter in History (4x)

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