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He's my ghost
everywhere I go,
he's always close,
he's my ghost
I sink into my sheets,
it's only seven twenty-three,
I close my eyes and he's here with me
He's burned into my brain,
he's got me with a ball and chain
and I know I will never be the same
since he said hello
He's my ghost
And he's long gone but I won't move on
'cause he's all that means anything to me anymore
I know it's kind of sick to lead me on like this
but I'm a perfect hurricane that you can't ignore
I watch you fall,
I watch you run,
I watch you perfectly cool and okay,
while I'm coming undone
He's my ghost (2x)
he won't let me go
he's my ghost
And I don't know how to forget,
they keep telling me he's dead
but he's alive in my memory
I'll never let him go
He's my ghost

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