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I try to be what you wanted me to be
But sometimes it ain't easy
... Being me
Don't ask me where I'm going
Who I'm with and what we did
Your blinding third degree
Is pulling me down
Don't need a rainy day
I can hear the people screamin'
Everybody calls my name
Every now and then
I feel like I am drowning
You go down on your knees
Just because you wanna make me
Forget how it really feels
You blame it all on me
One after another
Listen "My Friend" I am not the
Only one
I tried to be what you wanted
Me to be
You thought my life was easy
You could not foresee
I'm not your leaf clover
That you carry around
I'm not a wheel of fortune
I'm not your lucky charm
I'm painted on your wall
You want me in the family tree
I can hear the people screamin'
Everybody wants to see
Every now and then
You'd see me drowning
How do we choose right from wrong
When we don't know which battles
We should end
Who do we trust when the need of a
Friend is what matters the most
Does it make it right to invade
Our lives
And breach down the fences around us
You saved the trees, the polluted seas
Still you won't be the one...
The one they'll remember

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