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Desecrated Soul - lyrics

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Next, I curse you, hole be, god! I deny your power and commandments
I despite your deceitful words of lies
Your rotten scriptures mean nothing to me.
Temples built with pride, reflection of hypocrisy for all to see.
Men of god, you last for flaved glory burnt my eyes oonce innocent
You tried to subjugate my mind with principles which were not mine.
Force fed with insane beliefs.
Que ma coleure s'aballe sur loule la torre
Que le royaume de l'ombre anéantisse tout le mondes. Nailed.
Christian ceremonies doom of the ancient times
dominating rituals, stole our past.
Snaked is the path you are walking along
In quest for the truth, but you always walk alone.
Now, that I have watched the third step of this endless quest
I realize that gods above us reveal mankind's solitude.

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