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I can see the rain beyond the sky.
You will not see my sadness
I shivered when I felt the light touch of your hand on my arm.
I feel so dreamy, your innocence.
I imagine a delicate caress on my shoulder.
Eros, eros...
In my mind, in my orb, melancholy grabs my destiny.
In my mind, in my orb, sweet melody appears corteously.
I can see your tears fall along your cheek.
I can see your eyes full of sadness
I can see your sorrow, gloomy landscapes seizes your spirit.
In memory, I can hear you murmur tender words
In the wastes of my thought, I become aware of my loneliness
My dethroned soul is brought in offering.
In the falsehood forest, my awakening was a nightmarish sight.
Never be mine, I see your shine,
I can touch the gate, I feel your warmth...
You have reached the depths of my soul.
I can see your face so pure in the gloomy sky.
My heart starts to boil with pleasure when I percieve that you exist...
Storm of romanticism, mist of feeling.
I can feel your soul seizing me. I feel your presence in my entrails
You are my blood. So dreamy...

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