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Leaves lear under the weight of my sickly body
A bloody drop strickles from my fingers and falls on this carpet of leaves
This is the only link beween my being and this nature so dreamy.
Time after time, a dream as life's cradle
Seperates this frozen forest and this valley
I am alone in the dark and I will stay here forever.
Lost in the mist, pointless thoughts escape from my spirit giving way to bealitude.
Alone in this dismal landscapes my being filled wih a feeling of delight when I saw this petal so pure.
As a tragic melody which seperates itself continually and haunts you. I realize that I had understood...
In dark clouds on the horizon, I can see the abandoned child that I am.
Shadows dance in the sky. I can drink water sea.
Leaves touch my arm and my happiness disappears
Mountains. Lakes. Forest.
Beyond the nightland, I can see rivers of tears
I am lost in the mist forever. I am alone forever.
I never saw this nature. I never saw this petal...
River, frozen mountains, all things that I never saw in my old lives
An oak dominates this valley like the ultimate sign of a strong nature.
My breath comes from this nature. I'm not dead.
I can see you die without crying. I am alone now in this landscapes.
This petal makes me discover the truth.
I understand that I am alone in this world.
This valley, deserted by mankind, and full of truthfulness
I understand that I am alone. I would like not to believe in it
But this is the only truth and nothing can ever change it.
Sombre revelations, sombre revelations....

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Sombre Revelations