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Protex Blue - lyrics

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standing in the bog of a west end bar
guy on the right leaning over too far
money in my pocket, gonna put it in the slot
open up the pack. see what type i got
I didn't want to hold you,
I didn't want to use you
Protex, Protex Blue
all I wanna do
it's a fab protection for that type of a girl
but everybody knows that she uses it well
it's the therapeutic structure i can use at will
but i don't think it fits my b.d. drill
sitting in a carriage of a bakerloo
erotica in my pocket, got a packet for you
advert on the escalator on my way home
i don't need no skin flicks, i wanna be alone
i didn't want to hold you
i didn't want to use you
protex, protex blue
all I wanna do
johnny, johnny

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