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Agony Of Judas (ft. Luke of Human Error & Acr.. - lyrics

Filthy judas scum
Behead you on your knees
Praying to the lord of rape and pillaging
Seas of blood and cum from all the priests that you reap
Will soon be tormenting me
Thy kingdom come, thy name will burn on a stone
The devils son will bring hell on this earth
With massacre and suicidal fears thy slaughter will bring a deafening fear
I can feel the hatred breathing
Lies upon the human race, a religious curse
Drawing plans for mass execution, lies
The last thing imagined as you eject the soul
From this hallow piece of dead flesh and bone
You'll be screaming his name
When you slowly crawl from the scent of death
Cowering back where you belong
Religious curse on the human race
Now the gates of hell will know your name
When the blood rains it fucking pours on me
Satan is born its a great misanthropy
Torn up womb, ripped to shreds of the raped old nun who's
Left for dead
Your savior is fucked he shows no loyalty no sense of his apology
Just a priest with dark psychology hand in hand with demonology
Feed your holy entrails to me
All the death that leads to me
In lust
In holy matrimony
In his name
God has taken a million lives
A million lives condemned to eternal hell and misery
No one is safe from the devils pain
No one is safe
All of satans misery, will bring you down
Bow your head to suffering
Condemned to pain and death

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