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Human Disease (ft. Yannick & Cedric) - lyrics

Cancerous overpopulation
A disease in an orderly formation
Trapped inside a single nation
Force fed disgusting lies
Tear out their fucking eyes
This act of violence isn't gonna help for you
Your illness will kill a thousand one at a time
Savage hunger, rotting flesh
Infect the human race until they are extinct
Breathe disaster, exhale death
lay in a bed of gods wasteland
Kill you, yes I will kill you, I will kill you
Chemical contagion has rotted everything that we stood for
To cleanse humanity of this fucked up disgusting place
Clench your fist repesent
Udc family motherfuckers
Straight from the streets of genk city
Clawhammer beatdown
Allez allez fils de pute
Just another fucking day
On this earth I disgust
Mind filled with misanthropy
This world will soon turn to dust
No mercy
My silence
Hides my

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