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Intro/Infernum in Terra (feat. Gerardo Pavon .. - lyrics

Clawhammer 2016, Infernum in terra
God has decimated the weak
There's nothing but hell on this earth
No escape from the grips of god, with his hands round your throat
Mutilate the adversary of the god with nails
Burn him on the cross watch as his dirty blood trails
Send him to the depths below decapitate the head
Snap his limbs, legs to arms leaving him for dead
Butchering, slaughtering, bloodshed tears
Down in the depths below you'll face your fucking fears
This is the devils work he's feeding you with sin
This is where your Suffering only starts to begin
Endless blood
From him
From the god
Watch as his hands are hammered beaten by the beast
Watch as the demons use his flesh as a feast
Driven by insanity the cross is at your feet
I am the goat i'm free from gods greed
Belly of the undermining slaughterhouse protector
Even all your innocence is making you taste better
Feel your lactic acid filled hate
Fill you with sorrow with the hell he can create
You're going home in a fucking bodybag
You're not fucking ready
It's time to die, from Chicago to the UK
Scream your prayers
To a meaningless cross
Save your breath
Forget your holy hoax
The only thing reality brings
Is that your souls will rot in piss
Forget all hope
Deny your faith
Bow your head
To my feet
I am salvation
I am depravity

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