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Lynching (ft. Rob & Phips of Brawl Between En.. - lyrics

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Build the gallows, string them tight
You're first in line to die tonight
All your suffering all your flesh
You'll be fucking choked to death
A life of Eternal misery
A wasted life to die for
Scum motherfucker you're a slave to death
The devil is coming to take your life
I'm like your shadow, not easy to run from
You can run but you can't hide
141 beatdown
Hang your enemies
141 beatdown
Hang your enemies
Die in silence
This is your fucking death sentence
Brawl Between Enemies, Clawhammer, you know what it is
141 beatdown like a fucking chainsaw across your face
And tonight we're going fucking crazy bitch
You can't fuck with
Street justice
Feel my rope around your neck
Stringin tight, thumbs down
Now you're loosing ground under your feet
You bleed and I follow your track
This is your fucking end
Forever hunting you
Face your fucking punishment

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