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Realm Of The Wicked (ft. Brad of Revelations) - lyrics

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Forgive me father, for this wretched cycle
Forgive me for my sins
I have lost all faith in humanity, watch as they weep
Begging for pleasure, they can’t receive, begging for mercy that they can’t have
I feel no pain no mercy, I consume the devils insanity
I ingest your whole anatomy,
I'm god's disguise, I am Christianity
Useless sense of putrid slaughter, waste of skin a useless rotter
Just a slave to the holy bible, a lost dead soul a dead disciple
Sever them, devour them, eat their soul
Flesh by flesh, bone by bone
Torture methods on the lonely souls
Bleeding through their ears and fucking nose
Suffocate, castrate, stabbing pains,
Eternal suffering is all you'll gain
You will feel my fucking pain, in the realm of the wicked
The cattle of religion walk into death
Waiting for the end
Just admit there is nothing left
Mutilate your body
Leave it for the flies
Erase the spawn
Watch as the world dies
The floor falls through inside the chapel of despair
The streets lined with scum choking on the blood that clouds the air
Die inside a nightmare that became real
A realm of death created from the hatred I feel
Lay waste to the scum
End their lives
Deprive the world of hope and hope the world fucking dies
Your life never meant a thing to me
Left to rot in eternal misery
I watch the world end from a tower of bone
Waiting for the end atop a bloodstained throne
Say goodbye to everything you've ever known
I am left to walk this world alone
Erase all signs of life as their blood stains the sky
Just another fucking wasted life brought to die
Erase all signs of life
Their blood floods the sky

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