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soaked in malice
god the spawn
everyone dies
relentless chaos in my eyes.
pulverization, bewildered souls, forgotten region, the higher the death tolls, step into the realm of the unwilling Baphomet which you Deceive of
mandatory worship closes in on you
forever torturing you for what you would do
no cross to bow down to, unholy savior watch as
blackened churches burn at the sight of it
hell raises the beacons have been lit
know your fucking place on this earth which you are punished
the judge has risen, your sentence has been given. death.
forge the iron, close the gates, misery brings a new breed of hate
soaked in flames, your skin turns to black, hell beneath the earth no turning back
no fears, wipe away your misanthropic tears
no one to deny
it’s my time to die.
nothing feels the same as scolding hot flesh coming off the bone
revealing confessions brought face to face with the evil unknown.
Listen as the choirs sing
the horns in the clouds call for judgment day
seize your fear in a state of anxiety
Your body is frozen still, i have felt this pain before, my eardrums bleed, my body turns to dust.
it turns to dust.
you will feel no fucking more, the pain goes on the blood still fucking pours from the hole that’s left in me.
we are drenched with fear.
Lucifer, hear my cry.
You will suffer like I did, in the days of chains and torture that I received
you will wait at misery’s gate, disaster you will face in my rotting name.
Feed my evil nature, give me the underworld
Allow my throne to be cleansed with flames alone.

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Soaked In Malice (Single)