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I remember walking down the A406
Holding bags of mother sent cornflakes
Guessing somebody might have noticed
A little boy big head small ears
Whilst making a ballad through a Sunday mist
Sure we've all been there, done it
Prepare a little time to reminisce
On all that eventually falls into nothingness
Oh, all will be gone
After all
Before we all get to the knowing
All will be gone
I went back to where life seemed promising at first
Gambling on memory's lane
I tried a trip through all the pavement, fields
But I lost cause all had changed
Like the road I used to cross to school
Is now full of prostitutes
No wonder why the priest is dead
No wonder why the priest is dead
No, brother, when did you get married?
Neighbours, where did you vanish to?
If it was to a wonderland
Well, it's not known to my kind, mankind
All will be gone
After all
Before we all get to the knowing
All will be gone
And what about relationships?
What is it about relationships that we just don't get?
Here we are always thinking we've learnt
Only to get smacked and realize we are
But mere students of life
And it feels like
We've been fighting a lost battle
To have always realized at the end of it all
It feels like
We've been brought to a royal banquet
Just to be served a brew and a wretched floor
But I say
I say
It doesn't matter anymore
It doesn't matter
It doesn't matter
All because I'm here now
I can't go back, it's too late
And so I will get it all going
Whilst it all gets lost and gone

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At Least For Now