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Chance & Courage - lyrics

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If you work hard at something long enough
Success has to come from it
Don’t waste your time
And with enough want
You’re guaranteed some form of reward
How can you accept
Knowing that you tried
When time is on your side?
How can you accept
Knowing that you try
When time is on your side?
Why fight yourself when the only thing
We have to fear, is fear itself?
Ones with imagination dread the worst
When there are souls that are stuck in reverse
And lost to the rest of society
So destroy yourselves
Those who drag down with me
Determination and perseverance
Have brought me to this stage
The unknown future rolls toward us
And now we’ll write it as we go along
The thought of wasting my life creeps up on me every day
Thoughts of a wasted life creep up on me
Be thankful for everything and everyone
You’ll ever have at your side
Hopes are out of focus, and out of sight
I know I’m only young
Yet something doesn’t feel right
I hate that I think so fearfully for my life
How everything that’s going to be
Watches me
And waits for me
Waits for me
Waits for me
Waits for me
So consent me to tell a tale, if what you say is real
So much for the ones who said they’d never fail
Although it may seem strange
There’s so many ways how our lives have changed
Pathetic fallacy, the sky poured and spilled the galaxy
This is what I’ve always seen
And this is the way I will set myself free

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