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Now That I'm in the Future - lyrics

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Help me honey, 'cause I can't see
Love's lungs are blowing tear gas at me
Ambulance sirens are screaming my name
And I'm all hopped up on yesterday
London and Paris, why won't you help me?
My tongue's in the air, my hand's on your knees
I know you're married, yeah I know your pain
Your finger's been strangled by a cheap promise ring
I'm in a shadow of doubt
With a knife pulled out
At your wedding reception, I started drinking
To say all the things that I had been thinking
There's too many songs, and nothing to dance to;
The future is putrid, and useless without you
Jesus and Mary held a seance for me
But I wasn't dead, I was just in Philly
Now I'm on the cover of the magazine
With my finger on the trigger of everything
I read the bible, and I understand
I was born for heaven, in the holy land

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