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Our light, our minds have merged into blaze
Binding us to see the sunrise as one
I can sense your reliance right into me
Together we will blind
Overwhelmed by the passion of our ideal
We now embrace the night
One last time
Hold my hand, follow me to the Dreamers realm
For today, be mine
This side seeds a new turn
Void of lies, wide from delusion
You won't drift alone in the blur
I trust my feelings... My eyes you burn
This attraction has left us in rapture
In your bliss I wander
On your lips I'm reading your sensations
With you, I'm consumed... I burn
Join me, these tracks lead to your fate
To where the motion is tied by time
I won't let tomorrow wither your rays
Unite your Self to mine
I'll release delight back in your tears
Our lost emotion will shine
We shall rise
In our veins the fire never decayed
Never declined
Since the days of July
In the air, the ashes soar, whirling
Our bodies stray in the core, so high
I will drain the distance and release your call
Reveal your soul
Come to me tonight
I won't fade, my storm brazes your wings
Your fate caresses mine, inside
I will dive deeper right into you
Leaving your flame forever bright

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