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Distance (Second Version) - lyrics

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White, standing days of cold
Cold dawn still
All those distant rays
Forlorn in silence
Shattered seasons
Orphans of winter
For a second life, would you arise ?
For a second try, who would you be ?
In this state of sorrow, of pain and regrets
Where hope is gone
This ride has consumed every day
Who would you be?
When the moonlight will shine for one last time
When the rain will turn you to haze
I'll be there for you
When the rising shimmer will reveal your wounds again
When your heart will cry all what's left of me
I'll be there for you
When skies will bleed all this inborn rage
When storms will deeper devour every men
...I'm burning...
Side by side, no longer alike
Night by night, no longer aside
Tide after tide, no longer alive

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