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Even Dies a Sun - lyrics

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I just leave this place
Far from dishonour, away of regrets
All of the passion is drown in this world of hate
Overwhelming days of sorrow are ruling this realm
This hope of mine can be yours again
It brightens our way through it all
Leading our trails
Across the ruins of our Mankind dream
Start reliving, be yourself
Our reasons can brave even the tides of inception
Springtime will cease to come
In the end when the cycle is gone... Again
We all share a fragile life
Ephemeral like a breath
Yet in our veins stream the cosmic marks
The origins of Time itself
We all shall fade back to black
Exhaling for another day
We are the essence,
Ethereal within the matter
Horizons will rise
When skies will finally drain
Each sun may die
But trust me, their blaze will prevail
Our reasons will brave the storms of existence
We are our own everlasting stars
Even dies a sun,
Yet never does a soul

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