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A light by a lonely night
Traces on my face a frame
It was not a lie
What we feared finally came
The ruins outside are iced
Covered by this morning trail
Like sulphur I'm lying
On the ground
Just gloom and emptiness
Stains of blue shroud this drowning veil
Eerie whispers summon our end
All reason now seems to fade away
No one saw the source of Hate
Expanding like a plague worldwide
Our once serene genesis
Turned into a nightmare so wild
No I won't fear the scars
I'll face the dark in its full shape
I'm still alive
My blood still drives me to stand
A force calls me from afar
A voice bound to my own fate
Life may cease, but hope will never die
One by one, you'll recover your name
The blaze in your heart will never shade
Your body you'll leave for another state
On the other side, we'll meet again
We will prevail

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