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The Light We Are - lyrics

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Transcending my bygone fall
Erased, yet not losing control
No sense of fear on the line
I soar beyond time
Ascending across my soul
Powerless, yet breaching the wall
Reviving in distant stars
At last I realize...
The Light we are
Hope won't fade as long as we stand
Facing back our past memories
I want you by my side on the edge of my life
Please trust me, join me
Justice, there, had no divine trail
The search for perfection sometimes depraves
The illusion of pride blinds within every mind
Shining into every men
Nowhere you'll find a place to hide your difference
Singularity irradiates Mankind
The only way to thrive within yourself
Remains to see the world with new eyes
This is what we are
Drops of night in a perpetual wave
This is what we are
Rays of light in an ocean of flames

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