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You Don't Know That I Know - lyrics

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You and another just passed me by
And I sat there smiling, smiling, just to hide my pride
Oh, you could have seen me, he was all that caught your eye
And oh, baby, baby, right there I realised... woah
You don't know that I know, girl
Oh, it's how you treat me child
You're gonna mess around and drive me wild
Why you wanna do me wrong, baby?
When you know I can't leave you alone... aah
Why you wanna do what you do to me, baby?
Woman... why?
I'll always love you, come rain or come shine... oh baby
Although you're running around, baby
I can't get you out of mind
Oh, you've got me wrapped up in your love, baby
Tell me what can I do?
I've been trying to give you up for a long time, baby
I'm still in love with you... woah
You don't know that I know, baby
I tried to give you loving, yes I did
Ha ha, my lovin'
Oh, woman, woman
Well, I could tell you 'bout yourself, baby
Things you think I don't know
I ain't crazy
I'm just in love with you, baby
Woo ooh... baby
You see girl, I'm not crazy
(Oh, I just wanna day, I just love you)
I just... I just love you (I care...I care) (ooh yeah)
You've been on my mind for a long long time (I tried to let you go but...)
I stayed home... sitting, watching,
(I'm watchin', girl)
I could find you, if I wanted to
(I...I...I just gotta...) (baby)
I guess, you'll be home one day
I'm gonna come home and I'm gonna be there so that I can hold you and squeeze you, (baby) and feel you
You're so clean, you're so...oh (baby)
You smell so sweet (baby)
You come here baby
(You don't know)
You don't know that I know, baby
(That I know)
Ooh baby
(You don't know)
Well, well, you don't know, girl
(That I know)
No no no baby
(You don't know)
Ow, you don't know that I know, girl
(That I know)

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