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Capture the moment far on the waves
The flag flown high, piracy reigns
The seas great fury I will ride endlessly
Roaming reckless
The bounty I take
The women I mate
All shall answer to me.
Oceans crossed wretched our name
Thieves and vagabonds 'till our dying day
All will fear when they see the sign
Flying high the skull 'n' crossbone.
Anarchy rules, but as captain I reign
Punishment swift by the plank
And the blade
The men beside me loyal and
Fearless will never betray
The code unspoken,
Do what thou will, kill or be killed
The waves will one day take me.
Draw, Thrust, Kill, DIE.
Sanity lost when you meet us your plead
Covered with blood we're the devil's seed
Take no prisioners we will slay them all
Through hell and high bloodied evil waters
When lightning strikes sail with me.

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