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I'm Not Sleeping - lyrics

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Can't you see me move
And I'm breathing too
My mind is racing
But where are they taking me
Don't you dare cover my face
Why do you ignore my wounds
I'm in pain
And no one seems to know
What to do
I am in here
I hear what you say
What is this fear?
Cause I'm not sleeping
Is it time to say goodbye?
Are the angels calling me?
I won't go just try and make me
I will fight and scream forever
I'll remember you
And haunt your soul 'til the end of time
I'm not sleeping now
Can you save me?
I know I'm breathing
(Repeat chorus)
I'm not sleeping now
Can you save me
I know I'm breathing
Imagine all the times
We thought this was death
Now I will see the afterlife inside a crypt
Trapped in a rotting, decaying piece of flesh
Never to be released into the void
Pain are the years of people that I know
One by one we're joined inside a concrete cell
Getting way too loud with our thoughts
Only moments when the door is opened
Do we breathe?
Who ever knew that this was true
Life, death, frustration
From our bones
Life, death, frustration
Inside caskets, inside tombs

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