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The Devourer - lyrics

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Embalmed, he wakens from his sleep
In the corner of his eye something retreats
Heavy hearted as a feather hits the floor
A betrayal to be punished evermore
Passing beyond the living
Toiling through underworlds
There was a toll indebted
Through trickery he fled
The scales tilted by bloodshed
In from the cold of night it calls
From dark spires of mold it falls
He begs to the sky to retract this
Servant of the life leaching blackness
Shadows uncast upon the wall
Attach to human form
Satiating The Devourer
Silhouetted figure creeps
Smoke of obsidian she breathes
Trepidation gives his scent away
The stench of avarice betrays her prey
Coercion bestows a garment of distress
Lying paralyzed
As she makes her descent from the ceiling
Glowing eyes piercing
Stripping the plan from his instinct to flee
Cling to failed hope
Judgment waits for him
She’s watching
Air turns dark and heavy
Siphons strategy
As she comes
Breathe in thick tar
Vacate your rot to fate
Visible pulse in the throat
As jaws fly wide
Ethereal strangling grip
Now in a world without time
Restless, primal will
Won’t keep her hunger at bay
The insidious curse will consume
Every night in the realm of Duat
The scales are leveled in the Halls of Ma’at
No time to commiserate
Eternity paid for treachery

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