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"How are you?"
"I'm good how are you?"
I miss the sound of your voice and I miss the days
When we would sit and laugh, how you'd call my name
I miss my life back then when you were in it
I miss the days when I'd call and you would give me a minute
I confirmed my existence by how fucking persistent
The mother fucking fridge is that resides in my kitchen
Don't ask me how it is
You know I'd be indifferent
If a car just crashed and my body was in it
I spend my days all alone in my room
Watch the ceiling fan turn with some thoughts of you
Put the lo-fi on while I pray for the rain
Every day, another inch of my foot in the grave
"Stop, I said no. Leave me alone. Just go away. Don't bother with me anymore alright?"
"Kyo listen."
"Go away!"

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